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Your child deserves the best possible education. We work with you to give your child the best start in a safe family environment.

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This year has been a great success for all at the school. Although we are small, and our end of key stage data is suppressed to avoid identifying individual children, we compared our results with other Devon schools and using the DFE league tables the school was in the top 5% of primary schools nationally and had  the 8th best results in the county. We were also visited by OFSTED in January 2014 and judged to be 'Good' in all areas. All of these great accomplishments validate our dedication to the individual child and supporting their journey to be the best they can ever be in all areas.

Lydford School was opened in 1878 when Mr. Kenner was the Head teacher. Over the years there have been a number of changes to the building and the grounds. Older ex- pupils remember arriving by pony, the playground being 'surfaced' with shale and the pot-bellied stoves emitting clouds of smoke!!
The school buildings now provide spacious well provisioned facilities that offer an excellent learning environment for the whole primary age range. The school has excellent ICT equipment providing access to one computer for every three pupils, very good gymnastics equipment and a sports field attached to the school. Children are able to attend regular swimming sessions and the school is able to provide a number of extra curricular clubs.
The staff at Lydford are dedicated to providing the best start possible for your children's education. The school aims to provide continuous monitoring and assessment of the curriculum and of children's progress and we aim to support the development of the 'whole child' both academic, creative and social through a safe and caring environment.
The school offers a wide ranging curriculum that incorporates all aspects of the National Curriculum at Key Stages One and Two and the Foundation Stage. We are also able to provide educational visits to support and enhance learning, visits to school by local artists and theatre groups, sporting fixtures, community projects and residential visits for the older children. Staff at Lydford continue to develop their own knowledge and skills through a programme of In-Service training provide by the County Council. We will all work hard for you and your children to enable them to work effectively both individually and within class and group situations.
As from the 1st September 2011 the school became a part of the vibrant Dartmoor Federation; our sister schools are Boasley Cross Primary, Bridestowe Primary, Exbourne CofE Primary, North Lew and Ashbury CofE Primary and Okehampton College. We are already holding exciting events for the children and staff and look forward to the strenghtening of our futures working together.

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School Vision

To achieve each day a step towards excellence in learning and teaching which will enable all pupils to realise their full potential in an inspiring, friendly, healthy, safe and secure environment.



    • To promote children's independence in partnership with parents
    • To respect the views of others
    • To promote a feeling of care for our local, national and global environments and communities
    • To promote within pupils the understanding and tolerance of other religious, social and moral values


    • To prepare every child for life as a member of a socially inclusive community
    • To provide a caring, secure and supportive environment based on respect and trust
    • To prepare each pupil for the transition to the next phase and for life in an ever-changing world


    • To identify the needs and develop the talents of individual pupils
    • To ensure that the curriculum fulfils statutory requirements and is made equally accessible to all children
    • To encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning, to develop the ability to work co-operatively and take pride in all aspects of their work
    • To motivate and challenge children and adults to work hard and achieve their full potential
    • To help pupils to develop lively, enquiring and imaginative minds


    • To ensure that all children receive access to committed, professional staff, in a quality learning environment
    • To encourage respect and responsibility for the building and equipment provided
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